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The Light You Find by Terry Martin

"The Light You Find sings a hard-earned love song to central Washington's Yakima Valley, the hills surrounding it, and the river that is still transforming it."—Elizabeth Austen



"I've come to let the river work on me," writes Terry Martin. And in poem after poem, she shows how our beloved places might work on us, too: "Fill your empty place / with this horizon." Loss and anger find voice here, but so do acceptance, compassion and gratitude. These are poems to savor and share. —Elizabeth Austen Every Dress a Decision


Terry Martin’s The Light You Find is a powerful and richly-layered collection that fulfills the promise she displayed in Wishboats and The Secret Language of Women. In this book, she uses the landscapes, birds, farms, and people of the Yakima area as both backdrop and instigator of her poems. Martin is at the top of her game; The Light You Find rewards reading and rereading. —Leonard Orr Why We Have Evening

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ISBN: 0-911287-71-4


About the Author

Terry Martin earned a B.A. from Western Washington University and M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Oregon. She’s been fortunate to make her living reading, writing, and talking with students for 35+ years. An English Professor at Central Washington University, she is the recipient of CWU’s Distinguished Professor Teaching Award and the CASE/Carnegie U.S. Professor of the Year Award. Her poems, essays, and articles have appeared in hundreds of publications and she has edited books, journals and anthologies. Her first book of poems, Wishboats, won the Judges’ Choice Award at Seattle’s Bumbershoot Book Fair in 2000. Her second book, The Secret Language of Women, was published by Blue Begonia Press in 2006. She lives with her family in Yakima, Washington.