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The Punks Are Writing Love Songs
Cover The Punks

A debut poetry collection by Elissa Ball

The Punks Are Writing Love Songs is a first book of poems by performance poet Elissa Ball. The pieces in this collection examine love in its various forms—the rose and the thorn. From lack of love, to romantic love, to forbidden love, to self-love, these poems grapple with the sticky parts of the human heart.
Influenced by rock music, pop culture, and sex-positive feminism, this book is no sugary sonnet collection. Ball references Jurassic Park, Joan Jett, and Mary Oliver alike. She writes about love with unexpected humor, playful wordplay, and cutting honesty.Elissa Ball
"The Punks Are Writing Love Songs is a powerful first book by a necessary writer. Elissa Ball's poems dwell in the space between comedy and confession, stage and page, seeking grace and giving it. They are emotionally precise, electrically musical, honest as bruises and searingly kind.” –Kate Lebo, author of A Commonplace Book of Pie
I love Elissa's book. The Punks is straightforward and subtle. And unnervingly in-the-gut.
Elissa Ball is an exciting and fantastic poet!" -Stacey Levine, author of The Girl with Brown Fur

About the Author

Elissa Ball is a writer, performer, and feminist from Yakima, Washington. She currently lives in Seattle. Since 2002 Elissa has been performing poetry on stages, at galleries, in bars, and at house shows. She graduated from Fairhaven College in 2006 with an interdisciplinary concentration titled "Voice: Writing, Literature, and Cultural Diversity." Her poems have appeared in Rivet, Hoarse, and CityArts.
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