Catalog-Lieberman, Kim-An

Breaking the Map

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ISBN: 978-0911287-61-5    

ISBN:  0-911287-61-2     

A poet’s journey through mythical Vietnam, contemporary America, and the enduring landscape of memory.

Breaking the Map calls itself a book of poetry, but in reality it’s Kim-An Lieberman carrying, by hand, words, images, songs, stories and laying them in front of the reader. And whatever forty-year-old image we might still remember from Vietnam or America that is part real and part television, she makes whole, new, and vibrant. She makes us a witness more than reader.”   –Shawn Wong

“Kim-An Lieberman’s gorgeous poems don’t just map human experience, they crawl through its dust, searching. Her subjects are sometimes mythical, fanciful—a lover sprouts wings, a water buffalo arrives in the suburbs—but even the mundane is magnifed by language that is startling, and exquisitely precise, that I couldn’t put out of my mind. The opening Vietnam sequence is a perfectly-pitched love song to a country ‘glinting just beyond the edge of vision.’ Lieberman’s ear is unerring, her hunger insatiable.”             –Kathleen Flenniken

“Simply put, this is a wonderful first collection. Kim-An Lieberman really has broken the map. Each poem asks us to stand on the edge of things and wave hello—or good-bye—as if it matters. This is a geography that demands attention.” –Samuel Green

Kim-An Lieberman holds a Ph.D. in English, specializing in Vietnamese American literature, from the University of California-Berkeley. Her poems and essays have appeared in Poetry Northwest, Prairie Schooner, ZYZZYVA, CALYX, Threepenny Review , and the anthology AsianAmerica.Net: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Cyberspace . She lives in Seattle.