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Brooke Matson’s has been writing poetry since childhood, but only shared her work with a handful of close friends. As she began sharing her poetry on the “poetry pole” outside of Jim Bodeen’s residence in Yakima, her pieces were picked up by Blue Begonia Press and included in the anthology Weathered Pages. Now, in her first full-length book of poetry, Matson shows her skill and depth of voice as a poet. Matson’s poems are “without artifice or pretense,” says Bruce Holbert, author of Lonesome Animals; they “furtively and exquisitely multiply like images in fractured glass, suddenly reflecting a multitude of selves and narrative lines … as troubling and intriguing as living itself. The best of them haunt me still.”


About the Author

Brooke Matson was born and raised on the rural side of Yakima,
Washington. She attended Gonzaga University where she received her
B.A. in English and her M.A. in Educational Leadership. Matson lives in
Spokane and teaches at a small experiential high school. She helped found
RiverSpeak (, a Spokane-area Arts Collective. Matson has
been writing since childhood. Her work has been published in Weathered
Pages, a Blue Begonia Press anthology, and various issues of RiverLit.