sHADOWmARKs have all worked on site at the press. They have forged an ongoing conversation with poetry.


The word was created by Marty Lovins late one evening while mixing inks at the press. Lovins was using white ink to extract color. He whispered the word.


This conversation, under the influence of the great themes and the salmon of knowledge, has been created and sustained during a 30-year conversation with poetry.


Barry Grimes is the creator of this particular spelling of the word sHADOWmARK.


sHADOWmARKs are charmed and their lives reflect this burnishment by the divine. Many people have contributed to this conversation. sHADOWmARK is a source river for the press and everything emerging from it.



ShadowmarKs VEER.


VEER is a child of BLAST.



sHadowMarks, a new series of poetry broadsides, continues our letterpress work, shaping and centering us as a school of working poets.

sHADOWmARK WHEEL–ISBN: 0-911287-18-3. Twelve Interactive poetry broadsides making circles within circles. The poem is the hub. Wheel knows the directions. The colophon is the shaman’s map. The sHADOWmARK is by Marty Lovins. Wrapped in an envelope designed by sHADOWmARK Karen Bodeen, and tied in raffia, these broadsides invite you to find your story behind the story in front or your eyes.         
98 signed copies.                   $35.00                                  Out of print                                                        

sHADOWmARKS—Veer*—Orgasmic and transformational poems through art, bullets, age, money, poison, unrest, adultery, decay, energy. The sHADOWmARKS are 8 public school teachers with 159 years of experience. Jim Bodeen, Linda J. Clifton, Michael Daley, Barry Grimes, Jim Hanlen, Kevin Miller, and Vincent Wixon, with sHADOWmARKS by Marty Lovins. Signed. Bound with original sHADOWmARK art by Lovins.
 Available    100 copies                                   $25.00

sHADOWmARKS PARFLECHE—2 poems. “At the Grave of Raymond Carver,” by Ed Stover and “Requiem” a narration and a prayer for Chief Joseph by Franz Schneider. Handset poems, along with sHADOWmARKS, printed on Arches and Rives. Ink mixed with saffron hand carried from Egypt and Indian Corn Powder from SW Turtle Island. Bound in sHADOWmARK Parfleche with original paintings. Signed. l00 copies. $10.00
Out of print

sHADOWmARK Business Cards: Literature That Means Business—It’s all sHADOWmARK. 16 or so Bottom-line Real Business Cards, written & printed at Blue Begonia Press, as companion texts for ShadowMarks, a series of poetry broadsides. These texts, written by ShadowMarks, & ShadowMark friends of the sHADOWmARKS, offer confrontation and transformation for both giver and receiver. The responsibility of a ShadowMark is transformation. The powers of these texts exist within & through interchange & inner-change. Their powers are intended to make things happen. They are offers, charmed gifts.

There is no definitive collection of the Business Cards. 28 or so Bottom-line Real Business Cards have been in and out of print, in and out of their bindings. No one knows the complete or collected cards. Not for sale.