Catalog-Brown, Linda


Essay by Linda Brown on second printing.


2nd printing - April, 2008

My visits disrupt Mother's world. I try to bring order
to a house in turmoil. The changes confuse Mother. She
imagines she is in a new house that Dad has built without
telling her. "How did he do it?" she asks. "He has built
a house almost exactly like ours only not as nice."
Agitated, she demands to be taken back to "my house."
Just when we hope this has passed, it surfaces again...

from A House Divided

Secret Waters received a Publication Award from Artist Trust in Seattle

"Linda Brown's years of listening to other people's stories serve her well in telling her mother's story beyond the facts of Alzheimer's. She also bears witness to the men and other women who have learned a new rhythm for their days. We recognize ourselves standing just beyond this walled garden. She invites us into the corridors of nursing homes. She doesn't gloss over the isolation of the sick and the dying, but tells the larger stories of people she has come to know in her weekly visits to feed a mother who waters plastic flowers, who puts on three blouses at a time.

We know these stories. This is our family. That is the secret." —Jane Schwab

Cover art, Playing in the Shadows, by Sue Grimshaw, Yakima artist, was created for this book.

ISBN 0-911287-24-8 (paper) $10.00
64 pages 6 x 9