Catalog-Andrews, Linda


The tamest body
harbors its own freedom,
like one red shirt
hanging in the closet…

          from Trajectory of the Lost

Washington State Governor’s Award Winner:

Though tied throughout to deep myth and heartbreak, Linda Andrews’ poems are loosed by clarity and joy. She begins her book in the restless realm of enclosed living, in a self held by responsibility, in exile from new love and risk. She speaks as a mother, terrified by a daughter who insists on premature flight. She speaks as a woman, ready herself to fly again.

And she flies so gracefully. Ascended as she is, she sees the way all feeling is surrounded by landscape. As she proceeds, her poems open up, until they are, line by line, examples of held emotional intelligence and the triumph of stories to make a sensible life.

For her, life becomes travel—from fear through to understanding, from renewed desire to the satisfaction of a simple day lived happily. That she can write of love is never in doubt. The book is sustained by longing, past men swimming for shore and boarders standing at strange windows. Earth, plains, furrows, dirt roads and ghost towns, orchards and tree houses are all filled by her poems until they become galleries and sunlit rooms. She goes from the island inland, and shows in clear, courageous poems how to escape on wings rooted deep in the body.

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