Catalog-Derry, Alice


Orgasm is the dark brightness.
Its word doesn’t rise
easily to the tongue
nor fall from it gently
once there.
We shirk its clinical gloss
of the unspeakable,
blinking in its laboratory light.

from After A winter of Snow,/
We Finally Get Back To Third Beach

“This is a rare and astonishing book and its publication is cause for rejoicing. I know of no one else who writes like Alice Derry. The impact of these unsparingly honest and intimate poems is overwhelming, as they take us inside the poet’s actual and felt life as a mother, wife and teacher, a life that is as rich as it is contradictory and uncontrollable. As readers, we re not so much addressed as included and embraced. All of us are enlarged by the empathy and candor of this extraordinary poet.” –Lisel Mueller, winner 1997 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry

ISBN 0-911287-23-X (paper) $11.00
96 pages 6 x 9