Catalog-Grimes, Barry


But, the journal says,
not a word said. The journal says,
Discovery continues.
The journal says
more can happen and does.
Pollock tips buckets of paint.
He hums his way through morning.
Charcoal never crosses his canvas,
the canvas covering
the floor of a barn.
The painter must draw
on what’s out of sight
in the little sketchbooks,
in the little lost places.

from Crossing No Bridge
And Seeing No Coat Of Paint

"Tapping the board," Ed Stover writes, "the teacher narrator in one poem tells his students: 'This green, this is the ocean.' Like the ocean, there is much below the surface in this collection by Grimes. The voice is a husband, father, son, friend, and the schoolroom is a metaphor for a man's life." Photography by Rob Prout.

Barry Grimes is a poet who explores what he calls, “the meandering line.” His writing practice is daily, and his discipline with notebooks extends over three decades. He is one of the original sHADOWmARKS, and the creator of this particular spelling of the word. He is a Washington State Teacher of the Year and graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop.

94 pages 6 x 9
ISBN 0-911287-15-9
(paper) $10.00


Poems about teaching, talking. Grimes says they’re lines, not poems: I go up/ I rebound/ I pass-off/ No one’s on anyone. Everyone’s open. With an original illustration in each book by Marty Lovins. Letterpressed on Arches Text wove and hand sewn.  Signed.  250 copies.      Out of print.