Catalog-Pier, Tom


A Distant War

In the Yakima Valley,
the war seems far away,
far from the apple and cherry trees,
far from the vineyards and
the hops strung on twine.
But on bright fall days I hear the shells
burst in clusters at the Firing Center,
and I remember a distant day
when they unloaded tanks
in desert camouflage
at a railroad siding
at the mouth of the canyon.

During the last years of his life, Tom Pier was writing his best poems. These poems deepened our relationship at the same time that it awakened my interest in Tom’s writing. This most cerebral of men was finding great joy in exploring emotional landscapes in his poems. Shaping the poems into manuscript form would not have been possible without the critical work of Linda Pier, Tom’s muse and angel. –Jim Bodeen

ISBN: 0-911287-50-7 paper $13.00


Six poems concerned with fishing and culture. Zen Trout, Stravinsky’s Grace, Confluence, Things Pre served, Stuff like that. Illustrations by Duane Heilman. Letterpressed and sewn into Canson covers.
250 copies.  Signed.                                                Out of print.