Catalog-Moon, Susan


Drought is a circle that never closes.
Show me flooding, the hundred-year surge,
I’ll show you soil that won’t hold a furrow.
Rain is the prayer that blows by on wind.

Show me flooding, the hundred year surge,
I’ll show you dust spiraling into maelstrom.
rain is the pray that blows by on wind.
Show me clouds in a fast moving front…

from Drought Is A Circle

Halfway between the beginning and end of chemotherapy, when remission was only another word in the language of cancer and wind had replaced rain in the language of drought, she found a volunteer wheat plant growing in the gravel road, the telling sign and image of which is created on the cover and the colophon page as an embossed design.

Susan Moon is an elementary teacher. She lives and works with her husband on a dry land farm just north of the Columbia River in the Horse Heaven Hills. The home place, originally a homestead site, was once a stagecoach stop on the Old Umatilla Trail.

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