Catalog-Hamill, Sam

translated from the Latin
by Sam Hamill

Sweet sparrow, my lover’s pet
she fondles between her thighs
attacking with long fingers
whenever she hungers for its sharp bite.
I do not know why she should get
such pleasure by hurting her little pet,
the solace which delights her heart.
I wish as well the bite of its beak
could give my troubled soul relief.

Sam Hamill writes, “In an edition published in 1961, C. J. Fordyce omitted a number of poems by Catullus with the rather Victorian remark that some ‘do not lend themselves to comment in English.’ The reader will find each of the censored poems included among my selection. The reader will also find accurate translations of passages that have been commonly bowdlerized by those who would clean up the poet to make him presentable to the bourgeoisie.”

Irreverent. This edition of “Selected Poems of Catullus,” using handset Centaur type, is limited to 325 signed copies. Letterpressed on Mohawk Superfine and bound in Canson & Fabriano covers.

Caveat Emptor
325 signed copies.
ISBN 0-911287-10-8 (paper) $40.00
96 pages 6 x 9