Letterpressed Backlist

LONG STREAKS OF FLASHING DAYLIGHT——Poems of alaska1978-1988 by Mary Lou Sanelli. Typeface is Deepdene, handset by Jim Bodeen and Mark Eaton, sewn into Fabriano wrappers. Salmon drawings by Sue Grimshaw. Printed in a signed edition of 300 copies. Out of print. $10

ELODEA——by Tom Pier. Six poems concerned with fishing and culture. Zen Trout, Stravinsky’s Grace, Confluence, Things Preserved, Stuff like that. Illustrations by Duane Heilman. Letterpressed and sewn into Canson covers. 250 copies. Signed. Out of print. $10

LOCKUP–a printer’s prayer and testament by Jim Bodeen. 1988 Bumbershoot Award winning book for Best Letterpress Book Design. 180 copies printed on dampened rag paper bound in handmade end sheets sewn into Mexican Bark Paper. Artwork by Marty Lovins from an original warrior shield and belt buckle. Out of print. $10.00

BLACK BEAUTY, A PRAISE and KIEV, THE UKRAINE–Two poems by David Romtvedtand three engravings by Pat Weyer. 200 copies printed to benefit the Ground Zero Center for Non-Violent Action. Each chapbook contains an original monoprint cine-collee on the cover. The cover is Magnani Incisioni, end sheets are Kanzesui. All costs, including art and presswork, are donated labor. All monies from this book go to Ground Zero. Available. $25.00

ANGELS-–by Michael Daley. A long poem addressed to a young man in prison. It asks what we can do about the way things are between us. It starts close to home. The handset type is Kennerley. Paper is Rives Light. Hand-sewn into Arches covers. 250 copies. Signed. Out of print. $5.00

5 PRIMARY LINES–Barry Grimes. Poems about teaching, talking. Grimes says they’re lines, not poems: I go up/ I rebound/ I pass-off/ No one’s on anyone. Everyone’s open. With an original illustration in each book by Marty Lovins. Letterpressed on Arches Text wove and hand sewn. Signed. 250 copies. Out of print. $5.00

OUR MOTHER BLOOMING–Jim Bodeen. A book of poems for my wife. Her search for her mother. An attempt at finding her, and telling her story. Letterpresed and hand-sewn. 250 copies. Out of print.

LOOKING FOR A COUNTRY UNDER ITS ORIGINAL NAME–Colleen McElroy. Traveling poems. The book was designed around the cover illustration by Robert Sotello. Title page illustration printed on Stonehengecover stock. Text paper is Ragston. Type is Caslon set by Scott Freutel at Spring Valley Press. 300 copies. Out of print. $8.00

SONGS FROM A SPANISH SIERRA–Marky Daniel. The first three poems won the 1982 Pacific Northwest Conference Writers Award. Handset by Jeanne Richardson with illustrations by Marky Daniel. Rising Parchment text paper in a Canson wrapper. Signed. Available. $5.00

LAST CALL–three poems by Bill Ransom. Empathetic poems set in Guatemala. This small volume is also a selection of Yellowstone Arts Project as one of the best regional poetry books. Handset with illustration by Mark Eaton. Text paper is Arches Text wove. Type is Garamond. Wrapped in Canson covers. Signed. 325 copies. Out of print. $4.25

FREE & COMPULSORY FOR ALL–Stories of Students and Teachers. David Romtvedt. With illustrations and penmanship by Krista & Leah Bodeen. Type is Bembo. Paper is Arches Text wove. Wrapped in hand made Moriki end sheets. The complete stories won the King County Publication Award for fiction in 1983. Signed. Out of print. $8.00

NEWS FROM PAST-MISTAKES HERMITAGE–a chapbook by Lee Bassett. 10 poems as interesting as the title. A title selected by Yellowstone Art Project as one of the best regional poetry books. Type is Kennerly. Cover by Robert Sotello. Available. $5.00

COTTON NAILS–12 Broadsides. Poems by Lee Bassett, Barry Grimes, Sam Hamill, Sam Green, Gary Miranda, David Romtvedt, Tom Pier, R. A. Larson, and Jim Bodeen. With two art statements by Robert Sotello and Marty Lovins. Wrapped in an elegant envelope and printed on a variety of fine papers. 96 copies. Signed Out of Print. $10.00