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A Walk in Bardo

ISBN 10:   0-911287-59-0

ISBN 13:   978-0-911287-59-2

Cover Design, Dan Baker

Cover Art, John Palmer



Bardo is intermission, the space/time of  inter-mission, while the play of  history is on hold.



“Poetry fails when it hides more than it  reveals. Poetry works when it lights a way, as a lighthouse might. But poetry works best, when it leads inward, down, beneath, under the world of all, leading to that face-to-face with the unavoidable we try endlessly to avoiddeath. Such poetry infuses the spirit of Cal Kinnear's Bardo. There, right there, take the first step.”


     —Russell Arthur Lockhart, Ph.D, Jungian Analyst,

        Author of Words As Eggs and Psyche Speaks.



“It seems as if Cal Kinnear woke up one day, and realized that his planet was too small. And so, he builds a bigger one. He accomplishes this in the manner of D. H. Lawrence and Anne Carson: Without restraint, he lets his demons out to play.”


     —Lee Bassett, Poet,

        Author of Lucy and the Blue Quail and

        Lonesome Beauty of the Moment.



A Walk in Bardo by Cal Kinnear

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Bardo is the Tibetan Buddhist dream-space between lives. Bardo is intermission. This Bardo book began several year ago in a notebook as my yearly hibernal half-sleep began. It was a sleepwalk into a maze that meandered both inward and outward by turns (nor was I always sure which I was in), touching this and that by no particular plan. It took me past animals and barbaric plants in urban gardens. It took me by friends and family and the dead. It took me through obsession, and dream, and the communal fantasies of the commons’ psyche. It has been a maze and a wandering from which I now realize there is no waking and no exit. But for all that, it is not an imprisonment, but enrichment, enlargement. A loosening of the leashing which is self. Bardo. – Cal Kinnear


Cal Kinnear lives in Alki, on a promontory of North Armorica