Catalog-Graber, John

Thanksgiving Dawn

ISBN: 978-0-911287-60-8


John Graber’s Thanksgiving Dawn is much more than a first book. It is four decades of poetry that embodies the very passion for life and deep knowledge that defines the art for those who need it. It is the expression of someone who has for a lifetime worked to absorb his experience into the innermost workings of emotion. A tough, hard-won affirmation builds throughout. This is sensitive writing by someone of talent and imagination and, even more than that, this book was necessary. — Marvin Bell

John Graber is a poet who takes my breath away again and again. The sweep of his work–from the shores of the Mississippi to deep depression–is both fantastical and comforting. He knows where he lives and uses words as the finest of instruments, creating glory and vulnerability with tremendous grace. — Mary Logue

A reading by John Graber now there is an event. He opens up like a great operatic tenor, or maybe a fine gospel singer, and lets fly with poetry for the people, out in the real world and in no need of explication, because he’s got you along for the ride and you know he’s being profoundly generous with you and with the whole world. — Butch Thompson

When John reads it’s all magic and thunder. He plants his feet wide, looks you straight in the eye, the words flow, the connection is made, and it’s electric! — Mary Ellen Niedenfuer

Cover Stained Glass, "Grace upon Grace," by Lucy Stoyke

Cover Photo by Midge Bolt