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 "These final poems are wild, stirring, devastating. You should read them if you want someone to wake up your heart."—Ken Chen, Executive Director, The Asian American Writers' Workshop

We recently lost a poet and friend at Blue Begonia Press. In December of 2013, Kim-An Lieberman passed away from cancer at the age of 39.

In Orbit, Kim-An Lieberman's second collection of poems, is now available. There will be a community reading to honor her poetry and spirit hosted by Jack Straw Production in early May. We'll update the place and time as details are finalized.


In OrbitKim-An Lieberman

You can order a copy of In Orbit here

ISBN: 0-911287-70-1 

68 pages

Kim-An Lieberman's  poems reach back to her roots in Vietnam and forward into her children's future, possibly without her, articulating the complicated dance among fate, choice and chance. In Orbit gives witness to an enduring connection to history and family, reminding us that "Even when we rinse the soil free, the long roots hold." —Elizabeth Austen

Kim-An Lieberman is a poet of speculation, a poet who knows that seemingly immutable forces like history and death are not static abstractions but imaginary states that we ourselves can dream and contest. In Orbit begins with Lieberman re-imagining anti-Chinese riots in Seattle and the lives of her Vietnamese migrant family and ends with what might in another poet seem to be the end of imagination: her own experience with cancer. These final poems are wild, stirring, devastating. You should read them if you want someone to wake up your heart. —Ken Chen



Long Way Through Ruin
by Kathryn Hunt
Hunt Cover



Wild in their domesticity, mythical in their realism, ethereal in their lyrical beauty,

Hunt's poems fearlessly explore the boundaries between love and loss, longing and regret.” – Kim Barnes


“This book invites readers to praise, lament,

and crave the observable world.”– Dorianne Laux


 “Kathryn Hunt’s much anticipated first book is a delight

a strong and mature voice beautifully blending narrative and music.” – Peter Pereira


“Love and fear, joy and grief, life and death are the harnessed horses

which pull a reader through the pages.” – Gary Copeland Lilley

Long Way Through Ruin charts a woman’s pilgrimage through a landscape of desire and memory. Hunt’s poems move across land brightened by time-whitened bones and a plenitude of stars. They are home to cast-asunder families and the last redoubt of cougar, wolves, birds.  All disappearing into “the seam of the earth.” These poems are open spaces where the dead speak and the living find consolation against calamity in love, in drink, in the natural world, in remembrance itself.  

About the Author 

Kathryn Hunt lives in Port Townsend, Washington, on the coast of the Salish Sea. Her poems and essays have appeared in Rattle, The SunWillow Springs, OrionCrab Orchard Review, and Alaska Quarterly Review, among other publications. She is also a director of documentary films. Take This Heart, a feature-length film about children in foster care, was broadcast on PBS and honored with the Anna Quindlen Award for Excellence in Journalism. No Place Like Home was screened at the Venice Film Festival, among others. Kathryn works as a freelance writer.

Other New Releases from Blue Begonia Press

Miz Sparks Is On Fire And This Ain't No Drill
by Nancy Rawles
Sparks Front Cover
Be one of the first to own this incredible new novel by one of Washington State's most loved authors. Miz Sparks speaks in sparkling prose, firey email chains, heated PTA minutes, and heartfelt sonnets about students. Reserve one now for yourself and for all of your favorite teachers.

ISBN: 978-0-911287-68-4
About the book:

Veteran public school teacher Lavinia Sparks is threatened with dismissal because she won’t stop teaching Shakespeare to her fifth grade students at Muhammad Ali Elementary School. Miz Sparks remembers a time when students were known for their talents, not for their test scores.

I can’t take one more minute, thought Miz Sparks. I’ll retire if this administration doesn’t begin to provide assistance, instead of soundbites and condemnation. School’s gone to hell, and they’re on vacation.

About the author:

Rawles author photo

Nancy Rawles is a writer and teacher. Her novel Love Like Gumbo won an American Book Award. Her novel My Jim, the story of the bereaved family of Mark Twain's famous slave character, was chosen by the Seattle Public Library for its popular Seattle Reads program.


Cover The Punks

The Punks Are Writing Love Songs, by Elissa Ball
"The Punks Are Writing Love Songs is a powerful first book by a necessary writer. Elissa   Ball's poems dwell in the space between comedy and confession, stage and page, seeking grace and giving it. They are emotionally precise, electrically musical, honest as bruises and searingly kind.” –Kate Lebo, author of A Commonplace Book of Pie
"I love Elissa's book. The Punks is straightforward and subtle. And unnervingly in-the-gut.
Elissa Ball is an exciting and fantastic poet!" -Stacey Levine, author of The Girl with Brown Fur
106 pages $15


The Moons, by Brooke Matson

cover photo, Paris 1981, by Vance Thompson

 Here's a preview of Matson's new book with our first reading at the new location for the poetry pole:

Tall Woman Looking Orcas Island PoetDorothy Trogdon Orcas Island Poet

Tall Woman Looking by Dorothy Trogdon

Here's a preview of Trogdon's poetry from her book launch on Orcas Island:

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