yakima magazine


Marty Lovins, jeweler, and shield maker, created all of the illustrations for all five issues of  yakima magazine that ran from 1978-1980.





Barry Grimes’ words “The Yakima
empties into the Columbia,” locates yakima in the world of poetry and geography. The poet of the meandering line found Jnana’s poem, “In Big Belly Land,” for the front page of the first issue. Poetry in Yakima Valley sank deeper roots through gestures like these.

The illustration of converging rivers is by Barry Grimes. He created it prior to the publication of the first issue of yakima by looking closely at a map, observing the narrower Yakima River entering the wider Columbia, “a perfect ‘y’ and a sure sign of good things.” His drawing later became his sHADOWmARK, created by Marty Lovins.

Barry Grimes is one of the creators of yakima magazine.     

AT THE LAST yakima


He finds rivers confluence

the front page newspaper
poetry headline


Yakima is on the Yakima
The Yakima empties
into the Columbia


No borders


The poem itself


Barry Grimes